Stuck with Stubborn, Resistant Body Fat? Introducing:

90-Day Weight Loss with Dr. Erica

Shed the weight with an individualized wholistic plan

2024 Is YOUR Year!

Have you been Battling stuck, stubborn, resistant body fat that won't budge?
Even with nutritional and exercise changes?

Chances are, you're dealing with a biochemical IMBALANCE in your body that is preventing you from shedding weight normally

Many women, especially over the age of 30, are dealing with several factors that block successful weight loss.

These include:

Hormonal Imbalances including stress

Poor digestion & detoxification

Brain neurotransmitter imbalances

Food Addictions & Emotional Eating patterns

High Internal Inflammation Levels

Simply throwing more exercise and caloric restriction at your weight problem will NOT solve it as long as one of these imbalances is present.

What you NEED is a WHOLISTIC approach, custom-designed to YOUR unique needs.

90-Day Weight Loss with  Dr. Erica

Do you want the benefits of a custom-designed plan made JUST for YOU and your unique imbalances, goals, health, and lifestyle?

Experience the results that come from ditching the one-size-fits-all programs and get your individualized plan.

These Women have Experienced the Results of Working with Dr. Erica:

"Biggest achievement from our work together: Losing 70lbs was definitely a high point! It’s so nice that my daughter and I share clothing once again. Also, I went from 40 - 60 hot flashes a day, down to a manageable 3 - 5 within 3.5 months of working together. Hallelujah! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Marianne H.
Weight Loss Client

"My biggest achievement besides losing 50lbs, is what I have learned about my overall health and wellness. I have gained a basic understanding of how to use supplements to support my overall health. I now feel that overall health is attainable, possible, and an ongoing process that I can love myself through. s."

Laura A.
Weight Loss Client

"My biggest achievement in doing this program? Losing close to 50lbs in 6 months is the obvious one! However, I am more grateful for the tools I now have. This all results in me wanting to lose another 50+ lbs, and more importantly believing that it's possible, it's inevitable and it will happen." Update: She shed 100lbs!"

Emilia T.
Weight Loss Client

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

"With all the other protocols I tried and failed, after working with Erica I could see my body shift and along with that, my mind started to shift into a more positive outlook and things became possible and easy. I lost 70lbs in less than 7 months, what else can I accomplish!."

Shannon S.
Weight Loss Client

"Erica gave me structure in understanding how to use my ADHD to my benefit! I am already feeling like I can concentrate and get so much more done during my workday. Before you know it, you are implementing better habits into your life! Erica’s judgment-free style and calm demeanour during the audio bits help encourage you along."

ADHD Client

"Erica’s suggestions work with my brain instead of offering suggestions that would work for someone that’s a “born organized” person. Erica gave me multiple tools, any of which could be implemented right away without buying specific supplies or learning any special skills. I implemented one of her great focus tips and managed to get through and finished developing a course I’d been procrastinating working on for a couple of weeks!"

Tonja T.
ADHD Client

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder


I know you'll be THRILLED with the results you receive in the first 30 Days of working together, but I also want you to feel safe investing your time, energy and resources into us working together.

That's why I offer a 30-Day opt out. If after 30 days this program is not meeting your needs, you can opt out of the remaining 2 months, no questions asked, guaranteed. 

I want to honour you and I also want to honour my own time, energy and effort that I will be dedicating to you in our first month together. I believe this is a fair bargain. 


What could life be like in 90 Days from now if you finally ACHIEVED your weight loss and wellness goals - or were well on your way to completing them?

Imagine being in a lighter, healthier, more vibrant body? 

Imagine having increased energy to get you through the day and throw into your work, your relationships and your passions?

Imagine having clearer, healthier, more youthful glowing skin?

And imagine decreasing the bothersome health symptoms in your life and feeling in control and ON track again? 

What would that do for YOU? For your loved ones, your clients and coworkers? 

I would LOVE to help you bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be with your health.  

JOIN ME by signing up below!


  • Can I Book Additional Calls?
    Absolutely, You can book an additional call for an additional fee. There is a calendar link inside the health coaching portal. Your membership does include one intake call, weekly group calls / Office Hours, and unlimited daily text message and email access.
  • Can I Claim This On Insurance?
    This program is similar to personal training. If you have a health care spending account, you may be able to apply it towards this program. You may also qualify for insurance coverage of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, or a Naturopathic Doctor based in Texas.
  • How Is This Program Delivered?
    We meet and chat through video calls, text messaging, or email. We have one call together when you join, and unlimited daily text messaging or emailing. We have weekly group calls / Office hours. You will have access to an online course portal including several courses.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    Sign up by registering below. You will immediately be taken to our Membership area, where you can fill out your intake form and book a call with Dr. Erica right away, as well as learn how to send her text messages and emails. You will also gain immediate access to all the bonuses and courses included.
  • How Long is This Program?
    This program is 3 months long. You have the option to extend coaching if you wish to continue.
  • What Are Dr. Erica's Qualifications?
    Dr. Erica Robinson is a Naturopathic Doctor in Austin, Texas. She holds an Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University (Toronto), and a Graduate Degree in Doctor of Naturopathy (Naturopathic Medicine) from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist having graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Dr. Erica has been working with clients and patients clinically since 2008 and moved online in 2016. She has helped thousands of people with their weight loss and wellness goals. You can learn more at
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