The How-To-Hack ADHD System to 10X Your Productivity

Increase Your Focus, Motivation & Output THIS Week!
Got ADHD Brain?
Do any of these symptoms sound familiar:

• ...You have a hard time getting motivated to sit down and dive into a project?

• ...You find it hard to complete — or even make progress on — anything?

• ...You often feel exhausted or depleted, especially in the morning or mid-afternoon?

• ...You experience mental overwhelm so heavy, it's hard to get started?

• ...You have trouble focusing and concentrating, so it takes you way longer to do stuff than you think it should?

• ...You feel like the classic “underachiever,” performing way below where you think you could or should (if you only knew how to “get motivated!”)?

• ...You have a sense that these issues have gotten worse since the pandemic started?

If any of these sound familiar, then you may, like me, have “ADHD Brain!”

FOR YEARS I struggled with low motivation, flagging concentration, poor grades in school, and trouble starting and reaching goals in my work and personal life.   

Like you, I thought I was “the problem.” If I could just be like other people, learn how to study right, get my stuff together, I could start accomplishing what I knew I was capable of. 

I just needed to be more disciplined. 

More organized. 

More… something.

But no matter what I tried, it just didn’t work.  

That’s because the ADHD brain is wired VERY differently, so trying to force neurotypical 'motivation' strategies upon ourselves simply won't work! 

Here’s why: When you have ADHD, you need a UNIQUE way of working with — not against — your brain.  

And when I finally realized how to unlock my ADHD “superpowers,” everything fell into place!

Now I want to share my secrets with you so you, too, can finally learn how to “hack” your brain and achieve 10x productivity at work and home!

The How-To-Hack ADHD System to 10X Your Productivity

Increase Your Focus, Motivation & Output THIS Week!

In this short, sweet, but wildly-impactful mini course, you’ll learn exactly how to improve your productivity by taking ADVANTAGE of your ADHD Brain - immediately!  

Because I know your brain doesn’t like long, drawn out information delivered in a boring fashion, I’ve created the ideal course for people like you and me. It’s short, targeted, and immediately actionable! You can dive in and complete it in as little as an hour, or spread it out over a few days… it’s all up to you!

Here’s what’s included in the mini-course:   

»Under 2 minute, juicy, to-the-point video lessons that teach you exactly how to:   

 • Set up your workspace to fuel a productive day while keeping your brain Zen and clear 


• Hone in on the EXACT tasks you need to be doing for success so you can eliminate any unnecessary busy work 

 • Take advantage of your BEST times of day to get more work done in less time and stop feeling like you're pushing a boulder up a hill 

 • Free up brain space and bandwidth for high-level tasks like creative work and problem-solving, so that you can get your energy back and get rid of your mental fatigue and overwhelm 

 • Reduce an 8-hour workday in only 4 hours so you can spend time doing the things you love 

 • Tap into hyperfocus to stay on track and actually get EXCITED about the work you're doing 

 • Bulletproof your goals so you’re pulled powerfully into the future through productive daily actions 

 • Improve productivity at work so that you feel important and impactful again (or for the first time), respected by your colleagues and bosses, and like you're tapping into that currently unused potential    

...all for only $27*!

*Of course, you’ll have lifetime access to this online course and ALL future updates… all for one low price!
The Bonuses

If all you got from this course was one single strategy for how to work WITH your brain, it would TOTALLY be worth $27. But I haven’t stopped there! Here are your bonuses when you sign up today:

Quick Start Guide 

 Use this Quick Start Guide to get into immediate action in minutes. Reach weekly work, academic, home or Life goals THIS week!

Productivity Packet 

You’ll get your very own customized, personalized Productivity Packet filled with the tried-and-true strategies that work for YOU and your brain, specifically. Print or save and refer back to it ANY time as a reference manual on your own productivity.

Course Coaching 

Real-time coaching to all of your questions and concerns. Make the course fit YOU and your specific needs by getting tailored coaching, answers and feedback from me, Erica, with my productivity and ADHD expertise, within the online course!


...What would it be like to wake up each day with a clear idea of what you can — and will — accomplish? 


...What would it be like to 10x your productivity so you finally achieve the goals and dreams you know you’re capable of? 

...What would it be like to have a calm, clear mind, schedule, and home? 

 ...What would it be like to see your partner, friends, kids, co-workers know they can count on you?   

What would you accomplish? Which goal would you go after? Who would notice? 


And more importantly… What have you got to lose?

The Productivity Guarantee

I'm so confident you'll LOVE The How-To-Hack ADHD System to 10X Your Productivity mini-course and see results from it THIS WEEK, that I offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. Buy now, and if you don’t see results, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase. It’s that easy!

About Erica

I'm Erica L. Robinson, and I’ve been working in the health field for 12 years. 

I hold a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science, a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree, and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. 

I’ve helped thousands of patients and clients improve their health since 2008. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of Adults and Children with ADHD.   

And - I am an adult with ADHD!   

I know what it takes to work with an ADHD brain. 

It's not something that we can get rid of; it's actually something wildly useful that, when supported, can propel us to unseen levels of success in our careers, our families, our lives.

So I know where you've been and I know where you are now. And I want to help you get FURTHER. 

It is my life's mission to empower other people with ADHD to go after their BEST lives possible. I have the education, the client experience, and the LIFE experience to help you succeed in increasing your productivity.  

I can’t wait to help you! 

- Dr. Erica

What People Are Saying...

"The ADHD Productivity Mini-Course really gave me structure in understanding how to use my ADHD to my benefit! 

I am already feeling like I can concentrate and get so much more done during my workday. 

Each section of the course builds on itself and before you know it, you are implementing better habits into your life! 

 Erica’s judgment-free style and calm demeanour during the audio bits help encourage you along."

Natasha C

"What I love about Erica’s course is that she shares tools that she personally used to succeed as an honors student, building a medical practice and as a mom. 

Unlike other programs, her suggestions work with my brain instead of offering suggestions that would work for someone that’s a “born organized” person. 

Erica’s course gave me multiple tools, any of which could be implemented right away without buying specific supplies or learning any special skills. 

I implemented one of her great focus tips and managed to get through and finished developing a course I’d been procrastinating working on for a couple of weeks!"

Tonja T
  • How Is The Course Delivered?
    The course is delivered here online in mini video lessons + electronic worksheets and assessments for you to complete, print and keep.
  • When Does The Course Start?
    You get Immediate access upon signing up!
  • How Long Does The Course Take To Complete?
    The course is 70 minutes long, designed to be done in 10 minute chunks each day for a week or all at once - you choose!
  • How Long Do I Get Access to the Course?
    You get Lifetime access to the course and any updates! I'm always striving to make my courses better over time based on customer feedback. 
  • How Do I Get Coaching From You?
    Ask questions within the course or via email at any time and receive a written answer in 1 business day. I'm here to help you tailor the information to your unique situation.
  • Is This Course Suitable for Children with ADHD?
    This course and the strategies in it are best suited to teenagers and adults.
  • Can I Do This Course If I Don't Have ADHD?
    YES you can! These strategies are specifically geared to the Neurodivergent Brain, but have also worked well for anyone determined to be more productive and successful.
  • What if I Suspect I Have ADHD But I'm Not Sure?
    If you experience poor focus, poor concentration, difficulty getting motivated, and lowered productivity, then this course is designed to help you be more productive. 
Learn the EXACT strategies to improving your productivity and meeting your weekly goals today. Stop wasting time and get your life back!
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