Are you ready to take your HEALTH to the next level, get the weight, the physique, and the energy you crave, while feeling supported and empowered every step of the way?

Bridge the Gap and Finally Achieve Your Health Goals

Experience a personalized health action plan - and the benefits and accountability of daily coaching - from a trusted expert to help you finally achieve your health goals.
Are you struggling to get the Health & Body you deserve? 
Perhaps your weight isn't where you want it to be, despite trying numerous approaches, diets or exercise plans. Nothing seems to work, you feel fluffy, frumpy, and not like yourself.

You might have Physique goals you never seem able to reach - a certain way you'd LOVE to look and feel - tight, toned, and perfectly fitted into your favourite clothes (or a cute new wardrobe)? 

Maybe your energy is tanking, a 2 out of 10 most days, you wake up exhausted, can't face the day without coffee, or can't sustain your energy all day long. Afternoons require another hit of caffeine or sugar, and you come home fatigued, wanting to hit the hay right away. 

Or, you're experiencing mental symptoms that are blocking your full success and enjoyment of life, from debilitating brain fog and fatigue, to a lack of mental clarity, sharpness, focus, or productivity. You would really love to experience 'less work, more weekend,' but lack the executive functioning to get tasks done quickly and effectively. Your motivation is waning, mood is low, and your 'get up and go' has got up and gone.

Or, are your hormones and digestion just a little (or a lot) off-kilter? You feel imbalanced even though labs say you're 'normal,' or you experience digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, and constipation. 

Can you relate?

  Lack of an effective, individualized action plan: One-size-fits all plans don't take your unique biochemical individuality into account, and your lack of results proves it. You want an action plan (with nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle factors) tailored to YOU, and one that's actually effective! 

 No Real-Time Plan Tweaking: You typically leave a practitioner's office, try to put plans into play, only to find they fall flat in your real life. You need real-time plan tweaking, with ongoing access to an expert, to help you enact the plan in your real, every day life.  

 No Accountability, Check Ins, or Expert Access: In the typical model of seeing a practitioner every 4 - 8 weeks, there's no daily or weekly accountability, check ins, or an expert you can regularly ask questions as you navigate your health in the real world. This means more obstacles and taking longer to achieve your goals. You want to flip the script and learn how to bust through challenges quickly and easily.

  No Community: You feel isolated in your health journey, and the people around you make you feel like a weirdo! You need access to others going through a similar journey to you, to lift you up, cheer you on, and normalize your experiences - all so that you can stay on track and achieve you goals faster. 

Seems like you're meant to be here!

This program is built on  an individualized health plan as the fastest way to reach your goals, taking your biochemistry - and real life - into account.

You'll have access to a wealth of resources, including your own health plan, bonus online courses, daily coaching, a supportive community, and more.

My goal is to help you take your health to the next level and achieve your full potential by using natural and effective tools tailored specifically to you.

Welcome to a world of possibilities...

Where your health and body serve as the vehicles allowing you to enjoy the most vibrant, robust, energized life possible. Where health is a tool to access the most happiness and fulfillment possible. 

First and foremost, you'll have an in-depth assessment call followed by a personalized health action plan designed just for you. 

You'll be able to access myself, Erica, as your health coach and consultant on a daily basis through text message or email, or through our private app where I continuously update your program over time. We touch base on a private call monthly to continue achieving your goals and re-evaluating progress. 

And, to ensure you feel even more supported, you'll have access to biweekly community coaching calls with others on a similar journey, and be part of an online community where you can post questions, wins, and get support from others in the group!
I used to think my health & body were broken beyond repair.
The typical Western Medicine side gave up on me when I was 19, telling me that my IBS and parasites would never be cured and could only be held at bay by a lifetime of medications. 

It was when I discovered natural healing techniques - including healthy nutrition, exercise, supplements like vitamins and herbs, and lifestyle techniques like sleep hygiene - that I realized I could heal naturally. 

I have used these tools over the past 20 years to lose all my baby weight after pregnancy; increase my energy; FINALLY get rid of my brain fog and improve my ADHD symptoms totally naturally, and give me the stamina I needed to be the best mom possible to my 3 children and the best business owner I could be. (Yes, I have always wanted to 'have it all!')

I have used these tools with thousands of clients since 2008, helping them lose weight, gain energy, improve brain functioning, get chronic conditions under control, improve digestion, reverse skin aging, and more.
I discovered that achieving the weight & health we crave is based on a few pillars...
While I worked in a typical brick-and-mortar private practice for several years, my patient results were not what I wanted them to be. I found the revolving door, 'meet every 6 weeks' structure did not suit people's every day needs. 

That was when I began launching online programs that offered DAILY support, coaching, and accountability. No more waiting for 6 weeks to check in. My clients began shedding weight and revamping their health like Gangbusters!  

Getting to our goals depends on these key pillars: an individualized action plan that will actually work - using time-tested, evidence-based strategies that are effective in the real world; + access to ongoing expert support - someone who is educated, experienced, and accessible, to continually tweak your plan to fit your life. That's me! 

I have a different approach for my clients, meaning we prioritize where YOU are actually at - in both your life and with your biochemistry - and where you want to go, and we make real-time course corrections as needed.

Instead of giving you a standardized 'one-size-fits-all' plan, or outdated advice that doesn't actually translate to the real world - like 'just eat less and move more' - I give you strategies that WORK time and again and don't feel difficult to implement. 

I also leave no stone unturned and aim to help you integrate these habits into your daily life in a sustainable way, working on often forgotten aspects like structures, routines, reminders, and eliminating decision-making-fatigue, while also working on mindset and reframing your thoughts around health and weight!

I'm ready to dive in! 

Are any of these familiar to you?

➜  Have you felt stuck at your current weight, tried multiple different workouts, diets, supplements, but seem unable to get things to budge?

➜  Has your doctor told you that your labs are normal, even though your body doesn’t feel like ‘home’?

  Are you being told to simply ‘eat less and move more,’ yet you know this advice never works for you? Perhaps you already eat like a bird and don’t see results?

  Do you experience frustratingly low levels of energy and find it hard to get things done without loads of caffeine?

  In the absence of a step-by-step, clinically effective plan, do you find yourself unsure of how to proceed to actually get health results?

  Do you find health information on the internet overwhelming and contradicting, and aren’t sure how to apply it to your situation?

  Have you struggled to find a practitioner who was accessible, willing to do the deep digging about your situation, and actually provide solutions?

  Do you continue to experience imbalances with your hormones, periods, peri menopause or menopause, digestion, hair loss, or other signs of imbalances?


Here's a sneak peek inside the program!

The Ultimate Online Personalized Program

After doing an in-depth intake call with myself, Erica, you will be given a health action plan online that we will continuously update as needed, with daily text message check-ins and monthly 1:1 call check-ins. We will set goal posts to go after and several phases of healing and success measurement over our time together. 

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

The live calls are designed to be interactive and engaging, giving members the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences in a group setting. These calls allow you to be surrounded by other women going through a similar health journey, and create the camaraderie of being celebrated and supported.

Online Courses

You'll have access to several bonus trainings including how to do a 21-day-detox, how to shed weight holistically, and how to increase productivity and tranquility by setting up the right environment around you and utilizing tactics to improve focus. You'll also have access to an entire module on how to 'greenify' your home and body care products.

Audio Clip Library

You'll have access to Erica's Mindset for Nutrition audio clips, meant to be listened to in the background or foreground of your day, to help rewire your subconscious brain around food, nutrition, health and weight loss - so that you easily achieve your goals and stop self-sabotaging.

Access to Daily Support

You'll be able to text or email Erica daily as needed for any support you might require regarding your plan, bumps and hiccups in the road, and how to enact your strategies in every day life. We can't possibly predict all of the road blocks you might run into, so access to expert advice and support can make a world of a difference in achieving your health goals that much faster. 

You’ll also get access to all these amazing bonuses!

Bonus # 1

Gain instant access to our Recipe Library at your fingertips. Over 700 recipes for breakfast, mains, desserts, smoothies, treats and more that actually support your weight and wellness.

Bonus # 2

The Food & Mood Mindset Audios, 20 audios to meet your challenges with weight or wellness. Reprogram your subconscious mind to make it easier to select healthy food options by listening to these.

Bonus # 3

The 21-Day Detox Course provides a concise framework to quickly detoxify your body, boost metabolism and weight loss, improve skin health, digestion, energy, mental clarity and more.

Bonus # 4

The Detox Your Home & Body Care course features videos teaching you how to select healthier home and body care products that can help detoxify your lifestyle, aid in boosting metabolism, weight loss, and wellness.

Bonus # 5

Naturally Increase Focus with our Hack Your Productivity Course! Experience less work, more weekend thanks to improved Productivity, Focus, Concentration, Motivation and Organization - naturally.

All the support you will receive inside the Health Coaching with Erica Membership

Text Support

You'll get access to daily text message and email support to answer any of your questions in between visits.

These are also meant to help you stay on track and accountable with your plan and troubleshoot any obstacles in real time with an expert in your back pocket.

Weekly Check In

We have a weekly email, text, or voice check in form to discuss your goals, your progress, and health measures as well as symptom improvement. 

This is a great opportunity to connect in depth and tweak our plan for the week ahead.

Group Calls

Weekly Group Calls are a great way to receive Community Support and connection from women going through a similar journey to you! 

They also serve as an opportunity to ask questions and receive real-time, in-depth feedback in between our monthly calls.

Membership Options

Monthly Plan

$115 / month


Your membership includes access to:

➜  An in-depth health assessment form to capture interconnected symptomatology

➜ A Deep-Dive initial intake (75-90 min)

➜ A personalized, tailored action plan including nutrition, exercise, supplements and more to get you RESULTS

➜  Daily text message support

➜  Weekly 1:1 Check Ins

➜  Weekly Community Coaching Calls

➜ Access to our On-the-Go health and exercise coaching app (take it to the gym!)

➜ Access to exclusively discounted professional-grade supplements, mailed directly to your door

➜ Access to at-cost lab testing through multiple professional laboratory services

Plus these LIMITED TIME bonuses!

➜   Access to the Recipe Library

➜   Nutrition & Mindset Audio Library

➜   21-Day-Detox Course

➜ How-to-Hack Your Productivity Course

➜ Wholistic Weight Loss Course

➜   PLUS the how to detox your home and body care course!

Your health is the vehicle to living a great life!

Hey, I'm Erica!

I am a passionate Doctor of Naturopathy (Degree) & Nutritionist with 15 years of experience. I have dedicated my career to helping women and their families achieve weight loss and wellness - naturally, safely, and effectively. 

The primary women I serve are mothers ranging from their 30s to 70s! I love helping women rebalance their health and hormones so they can finally achieve the body, the weight, the energy, and the mental sharpness they desire to live a GREAT life and be the best women, mothers and grandmothers they can be.  

My approach is to provide personalized and comprehensive support to help my clients achieve their health. I love showing women they can use whole foods nutrition, exercise, lifestyle shifts, and therapeutic supplements like botanicals and vitamins to get amazing results. I am committed to empowering women to take control of their health path and reach their full potential.

This membership is perfect for you if...

✓  You’re ready to get targeted results with your health goals in as little time as possible

✓  You’re ready to commit to eating well (not perfect), moving more, and aligning your overall environment and habits

✓  You’re seeking mentorship or guidance from an educated, experienced expert with a track record of client success

✓  You would benefit from daily access to a health consultant as needed

✓  You want to achieve results naturally where possible or use natural tools to enhance medication efficacy and decrease side effects

✓  You benefit from being surrounded by other women on their successful health journey

This membership is not the right fit for you if...

☓  You're not interested in improving your health or investing in expert health solutions.

☓  You're not willing or able to commit the time and effort required to improve your weight or wellness.

☓  You don't see the value in investing with an expert to expedite your results and would rather try on your own.

☓  You don't need ongoing access to an expert and don't mind facing all the challenges on your own.

☓  You're happy to stay on an ever-increasing amount of medications with unknown interactions with each other and don't value nutrition and exercise.

☓  You're not interested in being supported by others on a similar journey to normalize your experience. 

Hey!  Fancy meeting you down here! 

Still deciding on whether I am the right fit for you? Keep reading.. 

This membership is perfect for women wanting to get their health and physique goals met YESTERDAY but willing to put the work in today. 

It's also great for women who want to spin their wheels less and apply a more focused, evidence-based effort toward achieving their health goals in less time with less strain, while increasing your energy for the other things in your life that matter. 

If you're tired of one-size-fits-all health advice, and the plethora of conflicting health information on the web, it's time to dial in an individualized approach based on YOUR particular health picture and life. 

I look forward to helping you achieve those goals and being thrilled by what you see in the mirror!

With the Health Coaching with Erica Membership you're getting:


In-Depth Intake and Assessment

The Ultimate Personalized Health Program

Daily Text Support & Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

On-the-Go Coaching and Tracking App


Bonus #1  Recipe Booklet

Bonus #2  How to Detox in 21 Days Course

Bonus #3  Health Mindset Audios

Bonus #4  Increase Your Productivity Course

Bonus #5   Detox Your Home & Body Course


Monthly Plan

$115 / month


Your membership includes access to:

➜   An in-depth health assessment form to capture interconnected symptomatology

➜   A Deep-Dive initial intake (75-90 min)

➜   A personalized, tailored action plan including nutrition, exercise, supplements and more to get you RESULTS

➜  Daily text message support

➜ Weekly 1:1 Check Ins

➜ Weekly Community Coaching Calls

➜ Access to our On-the-Go health and exercise coaching app (take it to the gym!)

➜ Access to exclusively discounted professional-grade supplements, mailed directly to your door

➜ Access to at-cost lab testing through multiple professional laboratory services

Plus these LIMITED TIME bonuses!

➜  Access to the Recipe Library

➜  Nutrition & Mindset Audio Library

➜  21-Day-Detox Course

➜ How-to-Hack Your Productivity Course

➜ Wholistic Weight Loss Course

➜  PLUS the how to detox your home and body care course!

In case you were wondering...

  • Can I book additional one-on-one calls?
    Absolutely, You can book an additional call each month for an additional fee. There is a calendar link inside the health coaching portal. Your membership does include one call per month (30 - 60 min) and unlimited daily text message and email access.
  • Can I Claim this on Insurance?
    This program is similar to personal training. If you have a health care spending account, you may be able to apply it towards this program. You may also qualify for insurance coverage of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
  • How Is This Program Delivered?
    We meet and chat through video calls, text messaging, or email. We have one call together per month, and unlimited daily text messaging or emailing. You will have access to an online course portal including several courses, as well as an app you can use on your phone to check in and track daily progress.
  • What Kind of Tools Will We Use to Achieve My Health Goals?
    I use a number of tools with clients based on your needs and preferences, including nutritional plans, exercise plans, supplements - including botanicals, nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathics - and lifestyle counseling such as sleep hygiene, hydrotherapy and more. We also use coaching tools like accountability, tracking progress, habit stacking and more.
  • How Long Should I Subscribe For?
    Like personal training, the longer you subscribe, the better! Some people will always benefit from the ongoing accountability of a coach, overseeing their progress.

    For most women, you'll begin to experience symptom alleviation almost immediately with results improving over time, but healing underlying causes takes 3 - 6 months to see really great health changes, and 1 - 2 years to really dial in your biochemistry and create the health and physique goals you truly want. You're never locked in and can cancel at any time.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Head to your profile and scroll down to member options. You will be able to cancel your subscription from there.
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  • Health Coaching Membership$199
  • Future payments
  • $199

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